We bring a new and enriching world

to the curious little fingers of young children.

About Us

MyFirstApp Ltd. is a common dream of a team of three developers who are also parents to children aged 1 - 7. Ronen, is a computer engineer, Rani is a graphic designer and Irra is an educational psychologist.

We aim to bring wonderful educational games to young kids through the use of touch-pad devices.

We believe that the recent touch-pad revolution opens new horizons for young kids and enables them to acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills while playing with high quality, colorful, exciting games.

We take a lot of care emphasizing on the educational and the developmental content of the games.

We are also very particular about our design, to produce the correct graphic elements, and create precise movement, animations and sounds that suit children at various developmental levels.

We do it with a great love for kids, and we wish we could do it for life.

Contact us: info@MyFirstApp.com

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About Us
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