First Sounds

A fabulous basic sounds collection - with fun, exciting animations.

We bring a new and enriching world

to the curious little fingers of young children.


is a tasty application! Here you can become a chef and create your favorite meal.

Build It Up

Explore the concept of size through this colorful building game.

Matrix Game 1

Enhance your child's visual perception skills with this fun matrix completing game.

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Watch a 1.5 year old playing “Match It Up”

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Match It Up 3

A fun colorful matching game for toddlers.

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Sort It Out 2

Teach your child about sorting and arranging with this fun, sorting application.

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Maze Game 3

The essential maze for toddlers. A wonderful way to enhance your child's spatial orientation skills.

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My Profession

Teaches the child about the world of the professions.

Watch a 2.5 year old playing “Build a Toy”